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The Benefits of Sunless Tanning


The Harmful Effects of UV Rays

The sun emits three kinds of ultraviolet (UV) rays; UVA, UVB, and UVC.  UVA rays are responsible for the completion of the tanning process.  Tanning is actually the body's natural defense mechanism to protect itself from the sun's rays.

The sun is not selective in the proportions of UVA emitted.  Too much exposure can cause sunburn, aging, as well as other types of damage to the skin.  Sunless tanning has gained popularity because of its ease of application and upkeep, and because it is a great option for clients who haven't had success tanning. 

How Does Sunless Tanning Work?

The  active ingredient in sunless tanning solution is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is nothing more than a simple sugar.  This ingredient works by reacting with amino acids in your acid mantle (protective oily layer on the skin's surface).  This reaction leads to the production of melanoidins, which are the chemicals that cause the appearance of a tan.

DHA is restricted to external application. When spraying DHA, the FDA recommends the following; use of protective undergarments, use of nose filters, use of lip balm, and use of protective eye shields.  All items, except lip balm, are available for no additional cost, upon request.

Sunless Tanning is Not One Size Fits All

The color of a sunless tan is completely individual.  Nothing is absolute when it comes to variations of skin types, coloration, how long it will last, or how dark it can get.

Your spray tan technician will customize your spray tan and guarantee your satisfaction by learning more about your skin type, and the reason you're getting sprayed